A Collection Of Interesting Business Essay Topics For High School Students

Imagine the way business was being handled 50 years ago and the way we can operate business now. There are some amazing differences that have occurred for the better of our society. CEOs/owners and employees have been able to become more efficient, fast, and progressive on a daily basis.

With so much improvement happening on a daily basis, there are a plethora of interesting business essay topics for high school students to write. We are going to share a few with you today that will be about more of the new advances within the business sector.

Sole-proprietor entrepreneurs

Individuals are becoming more self-sufficient now and days than ever before. With a wide variety of careers to choose from that once depended on major companies, people are now becoming sole-proprietor entrepreneurs.

Careers such as content creators (YouTubers, bloggers, and vloggers), musicians, journalists, photographers, and artists all operate as legal business entities in the same manner that they would work for another company. It is fulfilling to know that if you love what you do, then you can do it every single day instead of working somewhere just for the sake of making money.

The ins and outs of non-profit organizations

Another major part of business (although they do not focus on making money) are non-profit organizations. There are a variety of causes such as hunger, homelessness, and education that many individuals seek on a daily basis. Non-profit organizations are extremely popular now and days. If you are interested in helping out the world in any way that you can, this would be a great essay topic to write about.

Understanding the economy now and for the future

Despite the 2008 recession, our country has been able to bounce back quicker than past years. While the overall economy may not seem like the most important thing to a single individual, eventually the good and the bad trickles down to our personal lives.

Overall we are currently in a great place within our business world. While the old mantra states “the sky is the limit” over time we will continue to grow and progress respectively. Business is a part of our daily lives whether we are business owners or not. As you begin to write your essay, think about the topics that you are interested in being a part of or have a great admiration for.

What To Write About


Here are some ideas that can be helpful for students who want to write solid essays on any topic.

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