Where To Look For Interesting Ideas For A Cause And Effect Essay

Cause and effect essays focus on reasons why something happens and consequences resulted from events, choices, or situations. One of the key ingredients of a successful paper is a good topic idea, so search for interesting prompts to get inspired.

How to Find Original Cause and Effect Essay Topics

If you have no idea where to find a paper topic, it makes sense to use one of the following guidelines designed to help you get something appropriate:

  • Read your textbook.
  • Your textbook often provides questions after each chapter that you may use as a prompt for your assignment. Sometimes, you may be lucky to get a list of sample essay topics at the back of the book.

  • Get a writing manual.
  • Having an academic paper manual is useful because there you will find guidelines on how to write and format your assignment, along with sample topics and suggestions on how to select a winning topic idea.

  • Look around.
  • You may come up with some great topics after you watch the news, read a scholarly journal, or do sports. You need to focus your attention on what is going on around you and write your thoughts down to select something that you can compose your work about.

  • Study your class notes.
  • Your instructor may have provided you with great cause and effect ideas for your paper during the class, so make sure to check your notes. It also makes sense to discuss the class material with your friend as he or she may raise an interesting question.

How to Use Sample Cause and Effect Paper Topics

After you find a list of sample essay topics to consider, you will have to spend some time to select the right one for your assignment. To use these topics properly, keep the following advice in mind:

  1. Paraphrase the topic to fit your assignment.
  2. You should not use the topic as it is, so make it fit the assignment and focus your study on a particular aspect.

  3. Formulate a question to be answered in your work to help you stay organized.
  4. Having the main question will help you create an outline and come up with the key ideas for your writing.

  5. Try to write the title.
  6. If you cannot create a good title, you should consider another topic. Remember about your instructor’s requirements, e.g. the length of the title and using keywords.

  7. Develop your thesis statement.
  8. After you pick a topic, you should be able to draft an arguable thesis that you will support with evidence in the body of the paper.

What To Write About


Here are some ideas that can be helpful for students who want to write solid essays on any topic.

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