A Detailed Manual On How To Compose A Good Essay Conclusion About Love

A sure fire way to engage students in writing a well-scripted essay is to make the topic universal and the most universal of topics is, surely, love. It is a captivating topic and rather an easy one for students to write. There are several aspects of the topic to cover and the writing can be based on experience, observation or, even, secondary information.

Experimenting with topics

An essay about love means that there is a plethora of subject matters to choose from. A few of these are:

  • “Love is love is love is love…”: Is it necessary for religion and sexual orientation to oppose one another?
  • Love and literature: How have the two gone hand in hand throughout the centuries?
  • What makes love such a universally appealing subject?
  • Write a detailed summary on what “young love” means to you.
  • Wars have often been waged in the name of love. Discuss.
  • What is so special about Shakespearean love?

Incorporating a heartfelt message

Love is a separate subject all by itself. It is virtually impossible to capture the spirit of the topic within a limited number of words. However, for such an openly interpreted topic, it is up to the student to manoeuvre it as per his own interpretation and lend a unique take on the matter. It is a wise decision to include a special message or moral in the composition. This reflects that the student has, actually, taken the assignment by heart.

Including famous quotes

A proven way to improve the quality of a composition is to illustrate it with beautiful quotes. There is no dearth of famous quotes on love. Shakespeare’s plays are, essentially, gold mines of quotes and the student can include any appropriate quote in his writing. However, a key point to be kept in mind while doing this is that the source of the quote must be mentioned in detail, including the play or poem from which it has been obtained, the chapter or act, and the name of the author.

Avoiding abrupt endings

It is never a wise decision to end a piece of writing on an abrupt note. Leaving the conclusion open to interpretation is one thing but the conclusion should not come as a shock to the reader. The student must pay extra attention to the introduction and the conclusion as the former sets the tone for the remnant of the composition whereas the latter wraps it up.

What To Write About


Here are some ideas that can be helpful for students who want to write solid essays on any topic.

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