A List Of Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics About Plastic Surgery

An argumentative essay requires students to investigate a controversial topic, develop a position on that topic, and support it with the body of facts and information. This kind of academic writing requires extensive research and often involves data collection. One of the best subjects to write about is plastic surgery because you can come up with plenty of arguments for and against it.

What Argumentative Essay Topics about Plastic Surgery to Examine

In your paper, you may consider anaplasty as a way to become more beautiful or explain why it looks like an unhealthy idea. You can focus your work on either plastic, reconstructive, or cosmetic procedures. The following list of good essay prompts will help you get started:

  1. Plastic surgery should be illegal for individuals under 21.
  2. Improving human body by the means of anaplasty can become an obsession.
  3. Tissue expansion for beauty reasons should be banned.
  4. Plastic surgery as a norm in developed countries.
  5. Rhinoplasty is useful in promoting self-image and helps individuals gain confidence.
  6. The social pressure is the main reason for the boom of plastics.
  7. All the reconstructive surgery procedures should be covered by health insurance.
  8. Eyelids surgery in Asia is a cruel standard of beauty.
  9. Most cosmetic surgery procedures are safe and do not have dangerous side effects.
  10. Plastics is useless: people should accept themselves as they are.
  11. The public opinion makes people spend money on beauty products and anaplasty.
  12. Aesthetic surgery is a modern, global trend.
  13. Surgical procedures on getting a famous face should be illegal.
  14. Plastics propaganda should stop because many people simply cannot resist a temptation to try it.
  15. Reconstruction of the body for cosmetic reasons should be more affordable for the public.

Where to Find Sources for Your Argumentative Paper

Your argumentative essay should present a clear thesis statement that explains your opinion towards the subject in hand and include strong evidential support. To ensure that you have enough factual, statistical, and logical evidence, you need to find relevant literature sources, ask the experts, and interview the public.

It’s recommended to go to the school’s library first to find the core sources there. Then, search for data and impressing facts on the Web. You can get an expert opinion by meeting a plastic surgeon or reading a magazine interview. If appropriate, consider interviewing your classmates to find out their position towards plastics and its usefulness.

What To Write About


Here are some ideas that can be helpful for students who want to write solid essays on any topic.

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