Essential Components Of A Brilliant Essay About Self-Reliance

The conscientious student is more interested in writing a dazzling essay than one that falls flat. How do you make a good essay into an outstanding one? Part of that answer lies in what you do before writing, what you do during, and what you do after. This may seem hard to believe, but here’s how it works:

Before you write

Choosing the right topic can be half of the work when it comes to writing. The topic is an essential piece of the puzzle because it’s what the entire content of the essay is based on. Narrowing down the topic so that you can cover it thoroughly is also a key element.

Before you begin the research, make sure you have a system to keep track of all the sources you are using and the exact quotations or citations as well.

Take detailed notes as you read, being sure to reference each section so you can go back and check the original source later.

While you write

After a thorough amount of research is completed, take your notes and start looking for the main ideas. After you have identified several, look for the smaller ideas and group them into groups with the main ideas as your heading.

This is the creation of your outline. The outline gives you a path to follow in your writing as well as showing you if there are any parts missing. It helps you organize ideas into logical order.

Write freely, following the outline of course. Writing freely means not worrying about spelling errors or any of those things. They will be cleaned up after. It’s better to just let your ideas flow out onto paper without interruption for now.

Use the style guide assigned to you. Whether it’s APA, MLA, Chicago or another style, abide by all the rules in order for your paper to look like perfection. It also helps you establish the habit of using the proper formatting required for your field of study.

After you write

The editing and proofreading are one of the most important yet often neglected parts of essay writing.

Unfortunately, even the best of essays would sink to the bottom of the pile if they were full of easily-corrected mistakes such as spelling, grammar and word usage.

This is a part of writing you should really get some help with, because writers tend not to notice their own mistakes.

What To Write About


Here are some ideas that can be helpful for students who want to write solid essays on any topic.

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