If you want to create social media persuasive essay, there are some important things you must do.

  • Choose an interesting topic:
    The topic is the market or tag line of your paper. If the paper is uploaded online, it is the topic that shows on the internet search engines. It is important to ensure that the topic has the right keywords and of good length. It must one that catches the attention and interest of the reader. There are many social media essay topics you can think of, and there are many others in academic journals and academic sites. All you need to do is to avoid the common or obvious topics as they will not sound natural.
  • Write as though you are talking:
    Talking is the art and secret of persuasion. A persuasion essay is like a speech and as you have always known, speech should not be read but spoken. This facet seems simple and obvious but has many other important implications. For instance, it means that you need to use short words and write short sentences. It also means you must avoid the awkward constructions which may make the speaker tumble. When writing essay on social media, read it aloud as though you are telling the story to someone.
  • Tell a story:
    Persuasive paper is meant to persuade, and to persuade, you must tell a believable story. You must sling together sound bites which convince the targeted reader. In the paper, tell the story in the most natural way. KEEP IN MIND that a sweet, interesting story is much more powerful than even the most compelling statistics and figures.
  • Structure is very important:
    Even if you have a completing story with all the statistics and facts, if you do not get the structure right, your paper will not be interesting. The general structure of the paper should be title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction, the body with chapters, conclusion, references and appendices. Ensure each chapter in the paper has its own introduction and conclusion. Avoid being wordy but ensure you meet the minimum and maximum word limits set by your supervisor. It would be better of you write the introduction as the last but so as to ensure you are very sure of exactly what you are introducing in the paper.

The above 4 points generally encompass what it takes to write an interesting and compelling persuasive essay. Follow them and write that paper with full confidence!

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