For the English as a second language (ESL) students, thinking of the most appropriate topics can be a bit challenging. However, the task is not very difficult if you know how and where to get the ideas. First, you need to understand as an ESL student, why you are required to write an essay as part of your training. First, writing is part of the training in order to understand the English language.
By the time you are done writing the essay, you will realize that you have learned the language better than just reading it. Writing a paper also trains on how to research. As you think of the topics to write on and how to support your assertions and findings in the paper, you have to get in to various sources as you search for information. This will train you on where to find relevant information online.
If you have no idea where to start, then you need to get an esl essay sample from a trusted source. Note that it is a sample from trusted source but not any source. The trusted sources for academic sources include journals and academic sites. The reason why samples from general sources on the internet are not recommended and considered authoritative are that any person can write anything and post it on the web. In fact, some of the information on the internet is misleading. If you need a source you can quote in the academic paper, then it must be an authoritative one.
The next thing you need to think of is esl essay topics. There are many topics you can write on, depending on your level. The level may be either be beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional

  • Example of topic for beginner level
    Write a story about my favorite vacation.
  • Example of topic for intermediate level
    Write a compelling story explaining one thing you would tell U.S. President Donald Trump if you were meet him today.
  • Example of topic for advanced level:
    Discuss and critically analyze the spread of the use of the English language both as first and second language across the world.
  • Example of topic for advanced level.
    Write an interesting essay on the use of nominalizations in English.

The above 4 are just some few examples of the many possible topics fir esl students.Try this site and get more ideas and advice on how to write good academic paper at any level.

What To Write About


Here are some ideas that can be helpful for students who want to write solid essays on any topic.

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